The villages of Seavington St Mary and Seavington St Michael in South Somerset

Village Plan

Update Summer 2013

Parish Councillors have been advised that the Village Plan, adopted in 2005, should be up-dated and to this end meetings have taken place with Officers from South Somerset District Council. The Parish Council requested that a number of local residents form an Update Group (SPUG – The Seavington Plan Update Group).

To take this further a Village Consultation took place at The Millennium Hall on 1st June to gather the views of the villagers.

It was decided that more views can be obtained by inserting questionnaires in the Seavingtons’ News on the various matters covered in the 2005 plan. The Update Group intends to attach these to the News over the next few months, together with their analysis and also make them available at any and every conceivable location within our community, to ensure that we reach as many of you as possible, and hopefully get a more representative view of YOUR desires for the future of the Seavingtons.

Click here to go to the Questionnaires page.

The members of the Update Group are unanimous that uppermost in most peoples’ minds is the question of future development within our community, be it new building, change of use of existing buildings, new roads, light industry, etc. So the first questionnaire will concentrate on these issues. Subsequent questionnaires will concentrate on a number of different topics, the scope of which will be broadly taken from the questions that we posed in June and the 2005 Plan. If you think anything has been left out please contact the Update Group at or via the joint chairpeople of the Update Group who are:

Roger Clampitt 01460 241900 or
Nick Loxton 01460 242435


During 2005 the Parish Council conducted a wide ranging survey of resident’ views andproduced a Village Plan under a scheme sponsored by DEFRA; a grant was received from the Countryside Agency. Implementation of the plan has now commenced under leadership of a small group of residents known as the Parish Council Support Group (PCSG). The plan has been welcomed by local government bodies.

Message from the Leader of the SSDC

There has been a tendency for Government, be it national or local, to become more remote from the communities that elect it and whom it is meant to serve; both elected representatives and officials just become “they”. Here in South Somerset we deplore this increasing remoteness and, for this reason, welcomed the Countryside Commission’s Village Plan initiative; we believe this is one of the main reasons our Council has been awarded Beacon Council status for ‘Getting Closer to Communities’.

I wholeheartedly commend and endorse the work of the Seavington Parish Council in preparing this Village Plan which, following extensive consultation, sets out the local people’s own perspective and wishes on the future direction of their communities.

This plan provides the template for change and development over the next ten years or so but will also be a living document, reviewed and amended on a regular basis to keep it in step with current thinking; it will be used as guidance on the community’s wishes at all levels of government.

I would like to congratulate the Seavingtons’ communities for setting out such a forward looking and thoughtful vision for their future.


Paull Robathan, (former) District Councillor covering the Seavingtons

(former) Leader of South Somerset District Council

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