The villages of Seavington St Mary and Seavington St Michael in South Somerset

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme covers both Seavington St Michael and St Mary under one Area or Village Coordinator, and is then divided into 12 further areas with a Coordinator for each one.

To quote directly from the police pamphlet:

“Your job as member of neighbourhood watch is to be a good neighbour, and by keeping an eye open for anything suspicious you can help make your community more secure.”

Although we are all members of NHW, the amount of effort or interest you put into it is entirely a personal matter, but I would like to think everyone will play some part.

If you see anything suspicious you can either tell your coordinator or contact the police direct depending on the nature of the problem. If the police are going to react they obviously like to know as soon as possible. There are 3 ways to report to the police, the 999 Emergency Line, the Report Line or Crimestoppers. An emergency, which justifies using 999, is defined as an incident which you consider requires immediate police response either to prevent a crime that is happening or, in your opinion, may be about to happen. The report line number given below is a central switchboard number and the normal avenue for contacting the police. Finally Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 is a free and confidential call facility. You do not have to give your name and you may qualify for a reward. The number should not be used for reporting crimes or as a substitute for the report line.

Coordinators have the option to be on the police Ringmaster system which gives information on such things as suspicious vehicles or local crime and they can then pass this on to their members if appropriate.

There is the very practical advantage to the scheme that most insurance companies offer at least a 5% discount on your building and contents insurance if you are part of a NHW scheme.

POLICE REPORT LINE 0845 456 7000

Street Co-ordinators

Sheila Reyland 01460 241238 Gummers Castle and Hillview
Old A303 East & Davids Lane
School Lane
John Waterhouse 01460 242542 Upton Lane above Old Rectory
Chris Gough 01460 240897 Upton Lane below Old Rectory
Jon Mounce 01460 240656 Old A303 West
Ken Lake 01460 249304 Water Street above The Pheasant
Rosalind Clampitt 01460 241900 Water Street below The Pheasant
Liz Tope 01460 929605 The Pheasant & The Beeches
Amanda Jaggers 01460 240554 Church Lane, Main Street to Manor Farm & Dark Lane
Sandra Bresland Manor Farm to Townsend
Aubrey Peckham 01460 241556 West Street
Nigel England 01460 241614 St Mary’s Close
Rita Marks 01460 242643 Townsend

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