The villages of Seavington St Mary and Seavington St Michael in South Somerset

Other Community Shops

By the end of 2016 there were more than 456 community owned and operated village shops in the United Kingdom with almost a third of these in the southwest. This number seems to be ever increasing with 23 new starts last year and a further 506 communities investigating setting up a shop in 2016. Again a high proportion of these were in the southwest. Most have been established with the assistance of the Plunkett Foundation and although they have a manager they are very much run by volunteers. Click here to go to the Plunkett web-site for more information. Here is a map showing the location of these shops with links to some of them. We would like to thank the Plunkett Foundation who provided us a range of advice and support including on subjects such as Access to Funding, Information and Resources and Legal Structures.

Our own Store has already been visited by a number of organisations keen to pick our brains in their planning to estalish their own community facility. Here in our part of the South West there are a number of community shops already in operation: Winsham, Thorncombe, Crowcombe, Stawley, Talaton, Dalwood, Hinton St George, Kingsbury Episcopi, Spaxton, Broadwindsor, Kingsdon and latterly Norton Sub Hambdon.

The Shop and Café at Brockweir in Gloucestershire was a good model for our Seavington enterprise and the Management Committee wishes to acknowledge its gratitude to the Hewelsfield & Brockweir Shop Association for its advice and ongoing support to our project.


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