The villages of Seavington St Mary and Seavington St Michael in South Somerset


The surveys leading to the realisation of the Store & Café showed that village residents desire for a shop was triggered by social as well as convenience and environmental factors. These all came together in July 2010 with the opening of the Store and Café. The winter snow in January 2011 was a good test of all the planning as the limited travelling for many allowed the store to provide both a vital supply of food for peoples immediate needs and the Café provided a warm and welcoming facility for people’s social intercourse. That said, the Shop Committee is quite clear in its understanding that the Community Store will not attempt to replace other local shops, businesses and the supermarkets in the larger local towns; Residents will still visit these for their bulk shopping. The Community Store’s role will continue to be to supply our short term needs and obviate the necessity for many trips to larger shopping centres for them. At the same time the Café will provide an additional social environment to meet within St Mary’s and St Michael’s thus improving social cohesion and welfare within the villages. Profits from the enterprise will be used not just to improve these facilities but where possible to support local ventures.

It remains the committee’s aim to see:

  • Continuation of all existing village amenities
  • Provision of access to essential supplies to those without personal transport
  • Ability to be able to purchase local foods and produce not readily available elsewhere
  • Provision of access to essential supplies locally for convenience
  • Provision of a social focus for the two communities through inclusion of Café facilities
  • Reduction of car journeys to local shopping centres and associated pollution
  • Provision of easily available social and welfare contact for the elderly or persons living alone
  • Provision of meeting facilities for small clubs, groups and societies through the Café


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