The villages of Seavington St Mary and Seavington St Michael in South Somerset

Volunteer News

Learn how to brush up on your skills as a volunteer at the Seavington shop. Whether it be learning how to master the till, or how to receive My Hermes parcels, how to order items for people such as bread, papers and milk, you will pick up on skills you never knew you had! These skills will grant you a wider base of knowledge, on how to become a greater resource for the shop itself whilst the interaction you have with other villagers and customers will invariably make you a more confident and capable individual.

We have resurrected a “Welcome Letter” which will get delivered to every new resident of the villages. To do this we need the help of all existing volunteers in identifying newcomers. To this end there is a new file (argh not another file I hear you say) kept behind the till where you will be able to enter the details of new-comers so that Liz can get a letter to them. Sometimes you might not know much other than that new people have arrived at a certain address, but if you can then get their names and better still arrival date this will all help. We are hopeful that this simple measure will allow residents to see we are a friendly bunch and hopefully attract them as new volunteers to the community shop and café.

In keeping with an increase in files, one of the areas we can improve on is keeping the purchasing team aware of the plethora of suggestions we all get for new stock. Often these come from our customers wanting something stocked but just as many come from suppliers looking to have their wares sold by us. Not all these suggestions will result in new produce on the shelves and in the café but suggestions can only be followed up if Pauline and Jo and others in the purchasing team are made aware of them. To this end could all such requests/suggestions be placed in the file marked “Purchasing” which as you guessed is kept behind the till.

The committee is working on a number of things’ all of which are designed to improve our lot. These range from, socials, training, café pricing, updating constitution, renewing our business plan, gaining expert advice on the way we operate, advertising, fundraising, Seniors Lunches, grant applications and a whole raft of other things. We are clearly unable to brief every volunteer fully on every item but please feel free to query any committee member and they will try and update you as to where we are on a certain topic. Lesley will also try and ensure that committee minutes are posted on the noticeboard for all to see. We are keen to do this in a timely manner so minutes will be posted before they have been accepted at the next committee meeting and I ask you to bear with this.


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