The villages of Seavington St Mary and Seavington St Michael in South Somerset

Refuse Collection

Domestic refuse collection for The Seavingtons is the responsibility of the South Somerset District Council who operate a partial re-cycling service – “Sort It!”. On Monday 15th October 2007 this service was pooled with other councils under the name Somerset Waste Partnership.

From April 1st 2008 collection days in the Seavingtons changed to Mondays.

There will be weekly collections of material for re-cycling eg tins, bottles, etc and food waste, usually on a Monday. Other domestic waste will be collected fortnightly, also on Mondays.

Where a public holiday disrupts the collection service the Seavington collection will usually take place on the Tuesday following the public holiday.

Holiday collection information is available on Somerset Waste Partnership’s Collection Days and Bank Holidays website page.

The Council’s helpline for refuse collection issues is: 01935 461046.

Please ensure that you save your waste paper and cardboard for the monthly village skip services since this helps to pay for your copy of The Seavingtons’ News and this web-site. The timetable for this collection is under Village Services Waste Paper Collection on this site.

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