Address for new development at Lift West site

Notification was received from South Somerset District Council that the Developer of the Lift West Site had suggested that the development should have the postal address of ‘Falcon Close’. This had been already been agreed by Royal Mail and the District Council. Some of you will remember that when investigations were made with regard to the carving of the village entrance signs it was discovered

“that the manor of Seavington St Michael was held by Siward the Falconer from some 20 years after the Norman Conquest. Following the Conquest land was taken by the invaders and distributed by William I to his barons, however in this, very rare exception, a Saxon, Siward, was allowed to keep his lands, because he was a recognised specialist at hunting with hawks. His lands lay between the rivers Parrett and Ile at Seavington and Dinnington.”

Consequently the Parish Council felt that this was a very apt name.

24th September 2017