Another Plea for Volunteers

Yet another plea for volunteers to help run the shop and cafe?. Many of you will have read similar requests before in the last 5 years but we do need your support if we are to keep the shop and cafe? running in the village.

Earlier this year we employed a cook in the cafe? and as a result have managed to do away with the unplanned closures of the cafe? we were forced to make in 2013 through lack of volunteers.

In 2015/16 (funds permitting) we plan to do the same in the shop by employing a manager. That said we still need volunteers – to either work the till or help Jane in the cafe. 3 hours a week at a time suitable to you is all we ask. The benefits are that you get to know your neighbours and fellow villagers very quickly as well as feeling that you have given something back to your community. You also have a shop in your village.

If you can help then please call the shop for more details.

20th January 2015