Art in the Seavington Store & Café

We are very happy to welcome Sally Kent to the Shop and Cafe for September and October as our guest crafter/artist. Sally is based locally often using our beautiful region as inspiration. Sally makes stunning items, large and small from fused glass in glorious colours, some with metal inclusions. She takes commissions for her work and also runs courses. Her work is both unique and beautiful.

We also welcome Carol Talbot, lifelong Seavington resident. Carol has been making felted pictures for a while, inspired by her favourite felt artist Moy Mackay. Basically you take dyed fleece, using small fluffy pieces you layer them up into a picture, then felt together with hot water and soap. At this stage you’re not quite sure what you’ll end up with! Then it’s needle felted, machine sewn and hand embroidered, eventually creating a unique piece of art. Very time consuming, but addictive.

25th August 2018