Bug Hotel – Children’s Help Needed

Seavington Gardening Club are planning to build a bug hotel which will be situated in the wild area located in the top left hand corner of the playing field. We would like to invite children (and adults!!) to come along on Saturday 3rd June at 10am to fill the bug hotel.

If you have any bamboo canes, small logs or sticks, old roof slates, pine cones etc. then please bring them along for us to fill the bug hotel.

The wild area in the playing field was developed to encourage wildlife and provide an area of long grass, which owls find particularly beneficial for hunting. At the same time as filling the bug hotel we are also hoping to gather together a work party to prune some of the trees in the wild area and cut back the couch grass.

All of this will be done with the expert guidance of Phil Gordon-Smith so if you can lend a helping hand then please come along at 10am on Saturday 3rd June.

30th April 2017