CLT News – February 2019

The Seavingtons’ Community Land Trust is entering into its second phase. Having overseen the procedure, organisation and finally the acceptance of our very generous gift from a local business owner, we must now turn to the next phase. This is to set in train the running of a small affordable housing scheme, which will hopefully lead to enabling people who wish to live in an area where perhaps they were brought up, but have little chance of finding accommodation for rental or purchase, to find their home.

The three houses were gifted to the villages of Seavington St Mary and Seavington St Michael, but the setting up costs were truly a community effort. Loans had to be taken out to enable payment of legal fees, flooring, insurance and many other small things that were not even thought of in the early days.

As you will be aware, there are several other organisations within the villages, and having been in existence longer than the CLT, they have been able to accrue savings. It was to these other committees that we went, in the hope that with our scheme plan, they would be able to make the very necessary loans. This is where the community really turned up trumps.

The Seavingtons` News gave us an interest free loan of £4000 and St Michael’s Church Trust gave us a nominal interest loan of £5000. The only criteria for this funding, was that the loans would be duly repaid before any benevolence was bestowed upon the villages, which is of course understandable. These organisations had worked hard to save the money, and were happy to lend to the CLT, to help us grow, and be able to contribute to the village pot.

Arrangements are in hand to commence repayments now that the CLT houses are occupied, and we have our income on stream. The repayments will proceed for the coming financial year.

We will be holding our AGM in the Spring, and with the customary 21 days notice, will be inviting all members of the CLT, to come along, when we will be able to update you on progress so far. The date for this is now agreed as Monday 20th May, in the Millennium Hall.


24th February 2019