CLT News – Jan 2018


Firstly, to clarify, if you are a shareholder of the CLT, you are a “member” of the Seavingtons’ CLT, and we would urge any newcomers to the Seavingtons’ to sign up for membership. The necessary forms can be found on the Village website, in the Village Shop or on pages 15 & 16 of the February issue of the Seavingtons’ News. Attendance at and the ability to vote during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is only open to Members of the CLT, but to avoid congestion at the door on the night we will not be signing up new members. If you are new to the Community, or now wish to get involved and would like to apply for membership of the CLT you need to post your completed application form in the CLT Post Box (by the entrance to The Village Shop) by not later than Sunday 25th March 2018.

Forthcoming AGM

The first AGM of the CLT is planned for Tuesday 27th March 2018 at 19.00 in the Millennium Hall.

  1. By the rules of the trust, to permit a rolling changeover of Directors, at the AGM three members of the current board of directors will stand down, but may be re-elected by the membership.
  2. Any member may put themselves forward for nomination/re-nomination for the Board to be voted on by the membership at the AGM.
  3. New nominees for election to the Board must be proposed and seconded by other members and their nomination must be lodged with the board secretary a minimum of fourteen days before the date of the AGM, those wishing to be nominated please complete the form attached to the February copy of the News or found on the Village website and forward it to the CLT.

As the development of Falcon Close nears completion the intensity of work required of individual board members is expected to increase, the board already meets monthly during the day. Within the Benefit Society Rules lodged with the Financial Conduct Authority, it is stressed that membership of the board is entirely voluntary, but that no member of the board is permitted to benefit financially from the assets of the CLT.  Board directors with a specific interest in a particular matter being discussed, must declare it and thereafter take no part in the voting/deliberation processes of the board.

Progress of the development

Work remains on schedule, the foundations of the first two houses earmarked for the CLT are in place, the third due to start shortly. As many of you will have seen the remaining houses all have roofs and services and are nearing completion as gradually scaffolding is removed. We shortly expect the first properties on the development to be put on the market.

27th January 2018