CLT News – March 2020

The CLT was set up to administer the three houses generously gifted to the village by Mr. Andrew Whitehouse in Falcon Close. The houses are to be let to tenants at below market rates to strengthen our community and society here in the Seavingtons.

We held our AGM in the village hall on 27th February, and the members were brought up to date on the current situation and plans for the future. Nick Loxton, who has moved out of the village, resigned as chair, and we all thank him for his excellent service to the trust. Our new chairman is Peter Ash; John Schofield was elected to the board and later made vice-chair. Other members retain their responsibilities.

Among the various ongoing tasks are: liaison with our lettings agent concerning the commencement and termination of tenancies, tenant’s problems and concerns, commissioning of any maintenance work required, and, in conjunction with the other residents of the close, negotiating with the builder about snagging, remaining works, etc.

Our main and most attractive preoccupation concerns the disposal of the money accrued from the rent, less the expenses, which include the establishment of a sinking fund for future repairs. There are two schools of thought.

First, we could use the surplus for ‘worthy causes’ to the benefit of the community, for example the purchase of devices to encourage careful driving in the village. Second, we could save up for the deposit on another property to enlarge our housing stock. Lively discussions have and will take place!

To provide an objective basis for comparison, a sub-committee is being set up consisting of board members and members to propose worthy causes, and we look forward to reviewing their suggestions. All residents please feel free to make proposals.

23rd March 2020