CLT News – November 2020

The Community Land Trust (CLT), established to administer the three houses gifted to the village by Mr. Andrew Whitehouse, is in the process of awarding their first grants. Having made provision for various expenses now and foreseen in the future, some £5000 is being awarded to various deserving causes which benefit the village as a whole. The Grants sub- committee has performed splendid work in assessing the applications for money and suggesting those which are most meritorious and consistent with the available funds.

The village shop and café is awarded most of the money requested to replace three freezer/chiller cabinets. The original equipment was gifted, in used condition, by the coop and a local butcher when the shop was first fitted out and has now reached the end of its useful life. We all benefit from the shop, especially in these trying times.

The parish council’s request for help in purchasing a SID – the smiley/ gloomy face traffic speed detector – was approved and let’s hope this has a calming measure on local traffic. The gardening club was awarded a sum to facilitate maintenance of the village flower planters which enhance our environment, and a grant is being made for the provision of floral displays in St. Michael’s church. A small donation has also been made directly from the main committee to help with the church maintenance.

We are in the process of handing over one of our houses to a new tenant, the previous tenant having left amicably on purchasing his own house, in accordance with the aims of the enterprise.


25th November 2020