CLT News – May 2017

Since the last bulletin in April’s News there has been much to report upon. On Thursday 30th March the first Special General Meeting of the members of the Seavington’s Community Land Trust was held.

Other than a report of progress so far, the majority of which was reported in March’s edition of The News, the main business of the evening was to ask members of the CLT to vote for the individuals that were to comprise the Board of Directors following proposed and seconded nomination. This was done by a list of those nominees being read to the Members present, and as all had been checked as eligible against the Electoral Roll the motion to elect the nominees was proposed by Yvonne Best and seconded by Dave Retter, the motion was voted for unanimously.

Those elected as Directors were:- Peter ASH, Kenneth DEWSBURY, Elaine EDWARDS, Moira Janice ENSOR, Phillip Geoffrey GORDON-SMITH, Laura GOWERS, Nicholas Christopher Peter LOXTON, Karen OGDEN, Pauline May PARSONS and Robert WOOD. Unfortunately since this meeting, Phil Gordon-Smith has had to stand down due to work commitments.

Following the election, other business conducted was, to agree that a Press Release be sent out once the Developer started to break ground, Communication of News of the CLT would be promulgated in The Shop, on the village website, via The News and at the AGM. Members were also encouraged to understand the rules registered with the FCA and it was agreed that once the newly elected board had revised the rules fully to be appropriate to the Seavingtons’ CLT, these would be made available via the village website, or directly from the Board.

Since the SGM, the Board convened on 26th April for its first meeting, and at that meeting elected Nick Loxton as Chairman, Robert Wood as Vice Chairman, Moira Ensor as Treasurer, Laura Gowers was elected Secretary and Karen Ogden Vice Secretary. It was confirmed that the CLT had its own email address:- and anyone wishing to contact the CLT was encouraged to use this as the primary avenue. It was also reported that village membership of the CLT now stood at 91 members with more joining.

On Monday 8th May, with demolition work on the former Lift West site well under way, Andrew Whitehouse and the Developer Mark Thomas along with members of the Board of the CLT met on site for a photo opportunity and a suitably worded press release sent to the local media.

So there we are, early days, with much happening in the background and also on site, we look forward to keeping you updated on further news as it happens, BUT if you’re not yet a member, and you are eligible, please join the CLT and claim your right to vote for what happens to this amazing village asset in the future.

21st May 2017