Do come along and shop at the store

We have been suffering a little in July and early August as the road to the shop and café has been closed due to works for the gas main. This has meant that we have lost out in terms of takings in the shop and the café, due mainly to lack of passing trade. We are very grateful for our “regulars” who keep the place going and we have kept the shop and café open during the works despite upheavals. Thanks also to all those local residents in Water Street who have had to put up which such inconvenience.

So, a cry from our hearts please – do come along and shop at the store – you may be surprised at the range that we hold and the variety of things that you want – and all at very competitive prices. The large bills we have had to pay out for the installation of the air conditioning (yes we did not get it all grant funded) and the regular bills for utilities have taken their toll – so do see if you can persuade you and friends to come along and shop or enjoy a cuppa in the café. All this will help keep us going from strength to strength.

19th August 2017