Dowlish Wake Football Club To Use Seavington Playing Field

It was with great sadness that we recently heard about the suspicious fire that destroyed the Dowlish Wake Pavilion on the night of Thursday 13th October 2016. The pavilion was used by local groups in the same way as our own Millennium Hall and was also home to their local Football Club.

Over the weekend we have been in discussions with Dowlish Wake and we are obviously very keen to help them. To this end, their Football Club will be transferring to our Seavington pitch for the foreseeable future. Their next home match is due to be Saturday 5 November. To help facilitate this, South Somerset District Council is arranging for the grass to be cut this week and for the pitch to be marked out at no cost to either ourselves or Dowlish Wake.

I’m sure that we’ll all welcome our new visitors with open arms and it will be great to have football played regularly again on our field, albeit perhaps not in the circumstances that we would have foreseen.

23rd October 2016