Monies from Lift West Development

There are Section 106 monies due from the Developer of the Lift West site – This is nothing to do with The Seavingtons’ Community Land Trust.

Section 106 monies were a levy placed on all developers for sites with over 10 houses. There was a fixed sum per house and these monies would be claimed from the developer by the District Council. In this area monies were often allocated for Leisure and Recreational facilities. Some residents will remember that back in 2014, when the first planning application was submitted for the development of the site that the Parish Council was advised that almost £16,000 of the £18,000 due would be going to projects outside of the Seavingtons.

The Parish Council and concerned residents lobbied our then MP David Laws at one of his summer surgeries and the District Council promised to see what could be done to rectify the situation. In March 2015 an Agreement was signed between SSDC and Lift West Limited which stated that:- ‘Leisure Facilities Contribution’ means the total sum of £18,610.00 to be used as a contribution towards enhancing the facilities of Seavington Playing Field and/ or towards one or more of the following strategic facilities across the district: Theatres and art centres, artificial grass pitches, sports halls, swimming pools, indoor tennis centres.

It is possible, therefore, that should we not be able to provide a suitable scheme for the enhancement of leisure and recreational facilities on the playing field then we will lose the monies. The Parish Council has therefore advised the SPFA that they should be looking at renewing the play areas on the playing field. THIS CANNOT BE DONE WITHOUT YOUR HELP.

The existing play equipment is as a result of the group of local residents – Swing Park 2000 – who came together in 1999 to raise funds to completely re -vamp the old play area. The first phase of the re-vamp took place in 2001 and the larger play area opened in June 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

More funds than the £18,000 from the S106 monies will obviously be needed for a complete re-vamp of the equipment by way of grants and fund raising events. However, the S106 monies are a good start and as a village we do not want to lose this source of funding. Unlike other close by villages and towns we are not likely to see another sizeable development. If you have any ideas for the sort of equipment you would like to see on the playing field please contact the Parish Council at or the Playing Fields Association on

25th February 2018