CLT News – Jan 2017

A New Year often brings new challenges and opportunities for many of us, and for The Seavingtons’ 2017 promises to be no exception.
Before looking forward to the potential developments for 2017, let us go back to last summer, during which time much work was done and meetings were held in support of the very generous gift given by Andrew Whitehouse of Lift West of 3 houses for the benefit of our community.

At the Village Open Meeting held on 4th April 2016 the attendees unanimously voted for the formation of a Community Land Trust to manage the gift houses, and The Seavingtons’ Community Land Trust Ltd was registered as a Community Benefit Society with the Financial Conduct Authority in August 2016, ready like a coiled spring for the start of the development of the former Lift West site!

Fast forward to now, and recent developments would indicate that we are moving closer to commencement of the project, which means that under its constitution, The Seavingtons’ CLT embryonic Committee needs to stand down, an Open Meeting needs to be held, and the necessary Officers from as wide a membership as possible be elected to carry the work of the CLT forward.

To that end it is intended to hold a Village Open Meeting at:-

The Millennium Hall at 7pm on Thursday 2nd March 2017

At this meeting, and subsequently you will be offered the opportunity to become voting members of the Society by purchasing a minimum of one share to the value of one pound. Members must by the CLT’s rules be aged 16 or over.

We would ask that as many of you that are able to attend this meeting do so, join the Society and help in the launch of this most generous and exciting project.

22nd January 2017