Next Parish Council Meeting

In light of the present situation with regard to Covid -19 open Parish Council meetings may not be able to be held. Accordingly, in order that the Parish Council can continue to run its day to day business the following Business Continuity Motion was unanimously agreed:-
In light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and government advice, this council resolves that:
(a) Should the council be unable to meet for whatever reason, the Clerk be given delegated authority to progress all ongoing matters and projects and authorise all regular payments and incur expenditure in line with the council’s agreed budget.
(b) Any decisions taken under resolution (a) above will be taken, whenever possible, in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of council. A record of all decisions and expenditure incurred under delegated authority will be kept and reported to members when the council next meets.
(c) The Clerk will advise all Councillors, by e-mail, of any planning applications by advising them to look at the Planning web-site of the SSDC by e-mail. Comments from a majority of Councillors will be sent to the Planning Authority.
(d) The provisions outlined in resolutions (a-c) above will override any requirements to the contrary in the council’s standing orders, financial regulations or terms of reference.
(e) Should government allow councils to meet virtually (online), the council will take all reasonable steps to facilitate this.


26th March 2020