Parish Council meeting with County Highways

A meeting has now taken place between Parish Councillors, our County Councillor and an officer from County Highways. Items discussed were:-

(a) The promised Slow signs either side of Ile Bridge. It had been indicated that these were already included in the Highways white- lining budget for this year. We can only wait and see!!

(b) The state of the pavement in Church Lane. The Parish Council had previously had discussions about this and was advised that Highways would not replace the broken slabs but would consider tarmacing over them so that the raised pavement would be retained. This is to be looked into once again. Another wait and see!!

(c) The double white-lining that took place after the road surfacing was raised as it was felt that if double lines could be painted around the bend adjacent to St Mary’s Church why could they not be painted on the stretch of road from Lopen Head to the village entrance. The answer given was that the Police authority would not support these lines.

(d) The Parish Council had discussed plans for a ‘Small Improvement Scheme’ [SIS] with our previous County Councillor but this was not submitted to the relevant group. Further discussions are now taking place with our new County Councillor. The aim of the scheme is to slow traffic down as they approach, and travel through the village, particularly on the C5021 (New Road – Old A303).

Part of the scheme would require the moving of the 30mph and village entrance signs further east, towards Lopen Head roundabout, and west towards Ilminster. It was pointed out by Parish Councillors that the village entrance sign to Seavington St Michael, which at present is to the west of the new development at Lift West is actually in the parish of Seavington St Mary, and this has been leading to confusion as to which parish the new housing was in. A suggestion was made that the entrance signs should only say ‘The Seavingtons’. The Parish Council would like your views on this.

(e) The Parish Council were also advised that Parishes could now purchase their own Speed Indicator signs. Is this a good idea? What do you think? Should they be ‘Smiley/Sad faces or just indicate the speed? Seems like County Highways have had a change of heart. When this was first suggested some years ago such schemes would not be allowed. We only had the option of being included in the scheme which sees the small SIDs installed for a few weeks each year. Recent readings have shown an increase in speed.

21st October 2017