Parish Council Support and Advice

At the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 17th March 2020 your Councillors obviously discussed the Coronavirus and how they could help the villages to come through safely. To this end we have all agreed to publish our telephone numbers and link them to the group being led by the Village Shop/and Churches so that help can be given to those who need it – whatever that may be. If we cannot help we will know someone who can. We are also passing on some information from Somerset County Council with regard to keeping safe – not just from the virus but from those out there who may try to gain from the situation. Consequently please:-

  • Only use the Village telephone numbers that you have been given.
  • Do not put a sign on your door openly stating you are vulnerable.
  • Don’t share more personal information than absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t share bank or card details or give people your cards to make purchases.
  • Contact the organisers of the group if someone asks you to pay more for something than you normally would.

Our Parish Councillors can be contacted as follows:

  • Janice Ash: 01460 241141
  • Andrew Doble: 07582 776398
  • Elaine Edwards: 01460 241601
  • Nigel England: 01460 241614
  • Nick Loxton: 01460 242435


21st March 2020