CLT News – June 2017

The demolition of the site is all but complete – just a small section in the centre of the site remains which is awaiting disconnection of the main incoming electric supply before removal.

The rubble has been crushed and stock piled. The old petrol tanks have been removed to a contamination site and soil stock piled at the rear of the site awaiting test reports for contamination before removal.

The footings have been excavated and concrete and oversite laid to plots 5 and 6 (and probably 7 & 8 by now). Plots 5 & 6, the ones closest to the road on the left hand side as you face the site, are both 4 bedroom properties, one of which will become the show home. The erection of the timber frames for these 2 properties is booked for week commencing 17th July, quickly followed by the roof construction. It is then the plan to move on to plots 7 & 8 which are directly behind.

Although we have had a fair amount of rain over the past few weeks, the project has only had 2 days which have been completely washed out. Hoping for a good dry summer, as we all are!

Many thanks to Darren, the site foreman who is keeping us very well informed.

24th June 2017