SID installations to be discontinued

With effect from April 2018 the SIDs [Speed Indicator Devices] that have been seen in most villages will be withdrawn. A cost cutting exercise by County as they do not have the resources to renew the present equipment.

Towns and Parishes have been invited to purchase their own SIDs but County will still say which kind can be installed. [Will have to be similar to those used at present – No Smiley or Sad Faces as you see in some other areas of the Country!!] Should a SID be purchased then a team of volunteers will be needed to be trained to ensure safe operation.

The Parish Council has not made any decision with regard to a purchase as they will await the outcome of the SIS discussions. Please let a Parish Councillor know if you are willing to be trained, should it be necessary. This may help in the decision making. The Parish Council have highlighted potential problems with the withdrawal of these. The data provided supplies information when Small Road Improvement Schemes are being planned and the traffic police use the information when using their speed camera vans and agreeing speed limits.

27th January 2018