SPFA – New Committee Members Needed

SPFA is a charity which administers the village hall and playing field on behalf of the community. The charity is managed by a committee made up of volunteers, including representatives of the main Seavington users (e.g. Gardening Club, Youth Club, Parish Council).

At present the number of volunteer committee members has dropped to a point where running the hall and playing field has become very difficult. It is possible that with the current numbers we may not be able to organise events such as bonfire night or, worse still, have to stop accepting bookings.

If you think you could spare some time to help, we would be delighted to welcome new committee members. You would come and lend your voice at meetings (no more than 10 a year), but if you had time to also assist with the practical side of the management as well – perhaps helping to organise an event or assisting with an element of the day-to-day running of the hall and playing field – we would be especially pleased for you to join us.

We appreciate that not everyone has a lot of spare time, but if you work and/or have a young family, you are still welcome on a part-time basis and can provide a valuable contribution to your community.

Please feel free to contact me or one of the remaining committee members for more information.

David Bennett, SPFA Treasurer (david.bennett20@btinternet.com). 01460 249522

21st January 2016