SSDC Review of the Local Plan

Whilst South Somerset District Council’s review of the local plan does not directly affect the Seavingtons it does include substantial developments in Ilminster to be completed by 2028.

Details are presented in a series of well written and researched SSDC documents accessible at:

The Parish Council believes that one proposal in particular could have an impact on the Seavingtons by increasing motor traffic through the villages along New Road. This proposal is for the building, by the end of 2028, of some 220 homes to the east of Ilminster in the Shudrick valley.

Should you have any views on the proposal these must be submitted to the SSDC by 18th September, either on-line or by post. An Ilminster protest group, The Save Shudrick Valley Group, have prepared a pro-forma letter of objection, copies of which are available in our community shop.


25th August 2019