Take-away & Home-delivered Treats

In these unusual times, when we are confined to our homes and unable to pop out whenever we want to, we might want to give ourselves a treat with a take-away or home delivered meal.

A number of local eateries are offering take-away and some are offering delivery in the Seavingtons. The list below gives details of our nearest businesses offering this service.

1 Seavington Community Shop & Café
Our Community Shop and Café is offering both a take-away and home delivery service. The meals are packed so that, if desired, they may be kept in the refrigerator until evening and re-heated in a microwave oven They are available until the shop closes but should be ordered before 1.30 pm. The menu was distributed with the April Seavingtons’ News and is also available here; to order telephone: 01460 249730.

2 The Volunteer Inn
The Volunteer Inn is able to provide meals for take-away or home delivery and if anyone requires a Sunday roast Ruth is willing to cook one. Anyone requiring a roast please phone on the Thursday before to book. The Volunteer is also offering pasties, takeaway chips and meals such as lasagne or pies as well. You may also purchase five pint takeaway pouches of their home-brewed beer; to order and pre-book delivery please telephone 01460 240126.

3 New Farm Restaurant, Over Stratton
The New Farm Restaurant in Over Stratton is offering both take-away and home delivery in the Seavingtons for a range of ready to eat and frozen meals. The menus for both ranges of meals are available at: www.newfarmrestaurant.co.uk; orders should be placed by telephone on: 01460 240584.

4 The New Inn, Dowlish Wake
The New Inn at Dowlish Wake is offering both take-away and home delivery. Delivery to a Seavington Address costs £2. The menu is available on their web-site: www.newinn-ilminster.com and to order please telephone: 01460 52413. You may also e-mail newinn-ilminster@btconnect.com to receive a daily menu.

5 The Lopen Raj
The Lopen Raj is offering its full menu of Indian and Thai dishes as take- away or with free delivery to a Seavington address. The menu is available at: www.lopenraj.co.uk and orders may be placed by ‘phone on: 01460 242566.


25th April 2020