The Seavingtons’ Bus Services

Residents may be unaware of two bus services available in our villages, both supported by the Somerset County Council. The first is the scheduled No 9 service which operates daily on weekdays. You will find the timetable in the the current edition of the Seavingtons’ News.

Second, there is a service known as the “Slinky”. Most Seavington residents should be eligible to use the Slinky bus for, at least, some journeys.

Slinky is an accessible bus service funded by Somerset County Council for people without access to conventional transport.

According to the official web-site ( the service is available to parents with young children, teenagers, students, the elderly, the retired and people with disabilities.

If you are eligible to use the service you will first need to register to become a member of the scheme by completing a registration form and returning it to the booking office.

Once registered you can then book a journey by contacting the booking office at least 24 hours before you want to travel. Trips can be booked up to two weeks in advance.

Full details are available on the website:

26th January 2019