The Seavingtons’ CLT – Invitation to Apply for a Grant

The Seavingtons’ Community Land Trust (CLT) now has funds available to be awarded as grants to organisations and individuals within Seavington St Michael and Seavington St Mary. This stage in the CLT’s development represents an exciting new opportunity for our villages.

In accordance with the rules of the CLT, projects or activities must meet one or more of the following criteria in order to qualify for a grant:

  • Maintain or improve the physical, social and economic infrastructure within the Parishes of Seavington St Mary and/or Seavington St Michael.
  • Advance education [particularly concerning asset based community development and enterprises within a community or environmental focus].
  • Facilitate community ownership/use of renewable energy.
  • Promote and support arts and crafts locally.
  • Hold land or property in trust for the community.
  • Promote and protect local heritage including the natural and historic environments.

Applicants will need to include estimates of the costs involved and a simple financial plan together with planned start and completion dates. The form can be downloaded here, be collected from the Seavington Community Shop or requested via the CLT post-box.

Applications for grants in this first round of awards must be received by October 31st 2020 and should be placed in the CLT post-box, to the right of the entrance to Seavington Community Shop.


5th September 2020