Traffic Calming

The Parish Council received information that the Small Improvement Scheme [SIS], which again has been on the Agenda for some considerable time, has progressed to the next gateway stage, following which the scheme will again be assessed before progression. However, this does not guarantee inclusion and no decision or plan will be drawn up until next year!!!! Also with this Scheme the Parish will have no input as to what is needed.

Having received this news Parish Councillors met with Gary Warren (Signs and Lines) from County Highways who informed us that he could possibly use monies that had been received for the SIS to pay a consultant to draw up a plan to which the village had no input. Gary has drawn up a plan which could be done within a few months.

The plan incorporates more hatching, more roundels in the road indicating the 30mph limit and gateway entrances. The eastern 30mph limit and village entrance signs will stay close to Seavington House. However, the limit signs and new gateway entrances will be moved away from the Falcon Close development further to the west. The Parish Council is grateful to our County Councillor (Adam Dance) for starting the process for the SIS and also now approving the new plan.

3rd November 2018