VE Day Celebrations – 8th to 10th May 2020

At the meeting in November it was agreed that the Parish Council would co-ordinate any activities that are planned in the village. To date the following have been confirmed:

  • 8th – 10th May—Flower Festival in St Michael’s Church with refreshments being served in the Garden area.
  • Friday 8th May – 3.00pm in the Garden Area the Parish Council will invite residents to Toast to the Heroes of WW2.
  • Friday 8th May – 7.00pm – the bells of St Mary’s Church will be rung.
    SSAFA has suggested that no parties or celebrations should happen until after the bells have rung.

PLEASE, IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING AN EVENT CAN YOU LET THE PARISH COUNCIL KNOW so that a programme of all of the Events to be carried out over the weekend can be published [at the latest in the April Newsletter]. As stated last months the Parish Council will ring fence funds to support events.


29th November 2019