VE Day Celebrations – 8th to 10th May 2020

Being organised nationally by SSAFA [the Armed Forces charity]

Information regarding VE Day celebrations has been received from SSAFA. Many activities are being planned by that Association and Towns and Parishes have been asked to join in. Suggestions are that on Friday 8th May Church Bells should be rung at 7.00pm in a collective celebration of VE Day. [Can someone arrange for this to be done in The Seavingtons?]. On the Saturday [9th May] street parties could be held unless they have been held after 7.00pm on Friday [who can arrange this?] and on the Sunday Church Services of Celebrations and Commemoration. [Times for these will be published later].

At the present time we know that the flower ladies from St Michael’s Church are planning a Flower Festival to take place over the whole weekend. As in the past refreshments will be served in the garden area of St Michael’s and the times will revolve around any other activity being planned.

The Parish Council agreed that they would ‘ring-fence’ £500 to ensure that the financial position of any group or organisation arranging an event is not compromised.


24th October 2019