Village Meeting on 4th April re Three Gifted Houses

The Parish Council is pleased to report that the likelihood that the villages will be gifted 3 houses in the Lift West development is becoming increasingly likely and building may well commence on them as early as mid 2016.

The Parish Council sub working group has met several times and taken advice from industry experts as well as views from a number of interested villagers and is now in a position to put our thoughts and recommendations to a public meeting of the village.

It is hoped that following this meeting, the village will put in place a suitable mechanism to manage these houses for the benefit of the villages. To this end we have convened a public meeting on 4th April 2016 – 7.30pm in the Millennium Hall to air our thoughts and hopefully gain consensus from the village as to the way forward. Please attend, what is a very important meeting, if you can.

20th March 2016