Waste and Recycling

Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) has selected SUEZ recycling and recovery UK (SUEZ) to collect kerb-side recycling and rubbish across Somerset. The new contract will see SUEZ deliver SWP’s new Recycle More service, operating new vehicles and collecting a far wider range of recycling every week, including far more plastic packaging.

In addition to the dozen or so materials including food waste – already collected weekly, Recycle More will pick up a wide range of new items: plastic pots, tubs and trays; Tetra Paks and other beverage cartons; small electrical items; and household batteries.

By taking far more recyclable household material each week, Recycle More will help empty rubbish bins, which will be collected every three weeks. The new service will start rolling out across Somerset in 2020.

Full details will be sent to every home well in advance, and support offered to anyone who has concerns about the new service, including those with children in nappies.

Recycle More is one part of the transformation of all Somerset waste services, including switching almost all rubbish now being landfilled in Somerset to instead generate electricity at a brand new Resource Recovery Centre in Avonmouth.


22nd May 2019