The villages of Seavington St Mary and Seavington St Michael in South Somerset


The intention was to construct a building which is sympathetic to its surroundings and to the environment. The former objective was met by careful choice of style, building materials and craftsmanship. The latter was met through installing a high level of thermal insulation, admitting ample external light and provision of very efficient heating. A ground source heat pump and a photo-voltaic roof to generate electricity remain aspirations pendant on funding

As the project neared completion, cash was short and a number of electrical appliances were donated by local businesses. Others were selected from those which are the most energy efficient.

General Perspective View of Shop – Millennium Hall to right

Ground Plan of Shop

Area to the left is for display refrigerators and freezers. It will be possible to separate the café from the shop with a secure barrier so that it may be used by clubs and societies when closed.

NE & NW Elevations of Shop

SE and SW Elevations of Shop


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