Parish Council

At the local level the affairs of the two villages are managed and represented by the elected Parish Councils. Theoretically two separate Parish Councils, they operate as the single “Seavington St Mary and Seavington St Michael Group Parish Council” known generally as “Seavington Parish Council”.

The Parish Council usually meets at the 'Village Store & Cafe' but due to the current situation, are meeting online using Zoom.
Please see below for the dates, time and Zoom link details.

Councillors, Contacts & Register of Interests

Contact No
Nick Loxton
01460 242435
Seavington St Michael
Andrew Doble
Vice-Chair & SPFA Volunteer Manager
Seavington St Mary
Pauline Parsons
Responsible Finance Officer & Highways / Road Safety
01460 240193
Seavington St Michael
Nigel England
Community Shop/Cafe
01460 241614
Seavington St Mary
Chris Reyland
SSDC Ranger Link
01460 241238
Seavington St Michael
Janice Ash
Neighbourhood Watch
01460 241141
Seavington St Mary
Matthew Harley
Seavington St Mary

Parish Council Meeting Dates

Parish Council is now meeting face to face following government guidence